Blue Spruce Motion Effect with Blue, Green and Strobing White LEDs, Waterproof Christmas Lights, 5mm LED Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Mini Lights Set with 50 LEDs Spaced at Six Inches Apart

Love holiday lights that twinkle and dance with captivating motion effects?

Designer pattern Christmas lights with blue, green and strobing white LEDs for a stunning glittering effect.

50 super bright waterproof LED bulbs, spaced at six inches on green wire with standard stackable plugs for end-to-end connection of up to 45 strings!

These are commercial grade Christmas lights that don't get hot, tangle less, and are built to last. 

Ships without tags, ties or bags to remove and already pre-balled just how professional decorators like them for easy installation.

Professional decorators get perfect custom displays using these outdoor lights because they can trust their work will stay bright and perfectly festive!