These are not just Christmas lights! They are brighter than anything in your stores, glitter like champagne on New Year's Eve and are tough like the diamonds we refer to them as.

Commercial grade string with 50 single-molded bulbs for rugged outdoor LED holiday lighting that sticks around to display all of the perfect placement in your display.

The strings have 50 bright lights spaced at six inches on green wire with standard stackable plugs for end-to-end connection of up to 45 strings!

These are the same lights used to achieve custom display for Christmas, wedding lighting, estate event lighting, municipal installations and so much more than the holiday decor.

Less Tangling: Sleek construction with tighter wires and unbreakable bulbs mean less tangles and none of all that snagging on themselves and damaging bulbs.

Faster: Pre-balled without bags, tags or ties and ready to install

Waterproof: Single-molded bulbs can't break off and WON'T TRIP YOUR GFI

Durable: The pros wrap them tight and even (carefully) step onto them while climbing to wrap higher in trees.


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