Sometimes a tree trunk or pillar is just the right size where bulbs on strings can start to line up as you are wrapping, messing with the perfect scattered lights look you're going for.

These designer string lights help prevent that from diving you nuts! 

The purposely varying 6"-4"-6" bulb spacing is definitely a luxury for peppering your lights through bushes and shrubs too.

They're also super bright, durable, and shipped already prepared just how the pros like them to be ready for installation.

EASIER: Connect up to 45 strings and send them in multiple directions with stackable UL plugs for more flexibility (especially in branches) and less power cords.

LESS TANGLING: Sleek construction with tighter wires and unbreakable bulbs mean less tangles and none of all that snagging on themselves and damaging bulbs.

FASTER: Pre-balled without bags, tags or ties and ready to install

WATERPROOF: Single-molded bulbs can't break off and WON'T TRIP YOUR GFI

DURABLE: The pros wrap them tight and even (carefully) step onto them while climbing to wrap higher in trees.

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