Pillars poles and trunks can be stubborn to wrap with lights because the bulbs can line up and mess with the perfect scattered look you're going for.

These designer-spaced bulbs purposely staggered with alternating spacing at four inches and six inches between each high-quality LED that's single-molded to the string and meant to take the outdoors.

They're also super bright, durable, and shipped already prepared how the professional decorators like them.


EASIER: Connect up to 45 strings and send them in multiple directions with stackable UL plugs for more flexibility (especially in branches) and less power cords.

LESS TANGLING: Sleek construction with tighter wires and unbreakable bulbs mean less tangles and none of all that snagging on themselves and damaging bulbs.

FASTER: Pre-balled without bags, tags or ties

WATERPROOF: Single-molded LED bulbs can't break off and WON'T TRIP YOUR GFI

DURABLE: The pros wrap these commercial grade Christmas lights tight and even (carefully) step onto them while climbing to wrap higher in trees.

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